A Faint Tracing

I’d like to be a warm blanket in the sun, a soft sound on the beach or a red umbrella, a slippery raincoat, taut. I would dance for me before spinning around you and we would bow to the universe, sacrifice ourselves on the shore, where twenty-five typhoons swept away tears that blinding summer. Like … Continue reading A Faint Tracing

柿 / Persimmon

  Androgynous two playing in the eastern sun beneath peppermint moons Waiting for the scarlet tap obsessed painting with a steady arm like ploughing a field of sweet potato I learn my prepositions in bed, with eyes closed and unlearn myself wrapped in the same leaves 薄荷月の下 東太陽で遊ぶ 中性的の二人を 真紅の蛇口を待つ 執着中 安定した腕で着色 サツマ芋の畑を 耕すように 寝込、目を閉じて … Continue reading 柿 / Persimmon


Climb the steps to your unswept hall where many clandestine romances passed before ours, leave damp sneakers at the door on mornings when rain cuts the fog. Hear this half-white mouth, form sounds of home. Hold these warm-blooded hands that catch cold in nervous sweat. Take me to the place where you walked with your … Continue reading Jeonju