April in Chicago

breaking for the winter middle of april, split life hands in cups of tea a smile imprinted in foam letting you know i learned more about my father today. giving away the pain more everyday, less inside me broken. this morning came + went a hot red soup and me alone; you alone. the days … Continue reading April in Chicago

3 AM 베개

水 when your name is written in nine strokes and i can feel your smile through your cool words, anxious sweat manifests into falling nodes time-stamped upon a screen that pools and wells up into an unfamiliar warmth in my chest. 새벽마다 you write me only after the sun has gone down. when it’s quiet, … Continue reading 3 AM 베개

白川公園 | Shirakawakōen

on a wet early spring day i crossed the dewy path to a furnace-warmed café. on the cherry blossom-strewn ground i caught sight of my reflection in the park. i heard saxophones, pianos, flutes, sultry brass and heartbending notes that soar and dive like the weight of a frost-dampened love letter precariously hanging on the … Continue reading 白川公園 | Shirakawakōen


since i met you, i can’t hear music without thinking of you. like a record spinning at just a half step slower, we see, we hear, we feel just a bit more as if we can change the tempo of passing time with a glass of liquid. we came to each other on all days … Continue reading Pockets