Climb the steps to your unswept hall where many clandestine romances passed before ours, leave damp sneakers at the door on mornings when rain cuts the fog. Hear this half-white mouth, form sounds of home. Hold these warm-blooded hands that catch cold in nervous sweat. Take me to the place where you walked with your … Continue reading Jeonju

Autumn on the Moon

  by Sakura Nakashima I woke up one morning so entrenched in ennui that I could do nothing but burn everything to the ground and start again. The route I took to work, my perfume, my stance all changed. Switched from coffee to lemonade and in doing so began making small talk with the woman … Continue reading Autumn on the Moon

A Diary: April 8, 2017

Apr 8, 2017 Today the clouds passed over by mid-morning. Now the sun covers us, shining through sakura and sprouting tree branches. There are fewer pieces of trash lining the sidewalk below my window. I did not see the small man who usually sleeps in that cold space at night – where is he now? … Continue reading A Diary: April 8, 2017

April in Chicago

breaking for the winter middle of april, split life hands in cups of tea a smile imprinted in foam letting you know i learned more about my father today. giving away the pain more everyday, less inside me broken. this morning came + went a hot red soup and me alone; you alone. the days … Continue reading April in Chicago